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My name is Louis C. Douglas. Living in the beautiful Ozark mountains of northern Arkansas has allowed me the peaceful life to do that which I have loved to do for such a long time. And that is to write.
After losing the love of my life a few years ago, I began to write to try to rid myself of the memories of her death. Soon, I would soon be told from a great friend of mine, that if I didn't publish my works, that he and his wife would. Well, that was the push i needed to get going on this great new venture. I hope that you enjoy the writings of mine, as much as they do.

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When did you first start writing?
Many years ago, I lost my fiance' and the love of my life when she passed away from a massive heart attack at the young age of 28. Times were difficult for a while afterwards, affecting any other relationships I was trying to begin. One sweet lady I began to see tried her best to help me through the difficulties of losing someone special, and suggested I begin to write about my fiance'. Within a couple of years, I had finished writing my very first novel. Being a very quiet and secluded person, I put the novel away for many years, without doing anything with it. But, the writing bug had bit, and I was hooked.

One day I came across the yellowed papers and re-read the words I had put down. Knowing the old story was out of date, I began to write a new book. It was supposed to be a love story, but expanded into a 5-book series. A friend of mine told me that his wife was an avid reader, and she would like to read the first book. Hesitantly, I let her. A few weeks later, they told me that if I didn't publish the books, that they would. I decided what the heck, and began the journey of my new series, "Speak 2 Spirits".
What's the story behind your latest book?
Originally, I had planned on writing a book aimed for the younger generations for their enjoyment. I mixed Christianity with witches, dragons and fairies, hoping to grab their attention. It has worked with the younger people, but also the older generations are enjoying the books, and waiting patiently for the next ones to come out. I was told the best way for children to eat their vegetables at dinner, was to hide them under the mashed potatoes. So, I hid the Christianity under the fantasy of witches and faries, hoping something would stir within their brains, letting the thoughts of religion begin to surface.

I have always had a fascination with time travel, so I thought what would it be like to be able to travel through time as a witch? Then the idea came to me to write about two men not really looking for love, but finding two ladies that would become a part of their lives. One lives fifty years in the future, and the other, a few hundred years in the past. Hmm, I thought. Not too bad. So the first book is a story about finding love through time using a smart alec time machine. That led to the second book about growing their family a bit. So, that is when I decided to enlarge this little group of witches by adding .... whoops, almost let the cat out of the bag there. Maybe you will just have to get the books to find out what happens next.
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