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  • Dirty Little Angels on Feb. 17, 2011
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    I finished this book in an afternoon, and honestly didn't care for it at all. None of the characters felt fully developed; they all seemed like stock stereotypes. I didn't care about any of them -- even when Hailey, the narrator, attempts to commit suicide, I just couldn't stir up any feeling. Perhaps if the language had been more evocative, I would have cared more, but even in scenes that should be riveting -- a dog fight, a murder, group therapy in a mental hospital -- the prose was trite. In a scene in which Hailey learns of the death of an acquaintance, text reads: "One of the nurses pulled me aside and told me he'd passed away on Wednesday. I couldn't believe it. I'd just seen him a week or so ago...I was so mad at God for taking Mr. Guidry." Perhaps prose like this is why I felt absolutely nothing for the characters and for the rather plotless story.