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Smashwords book reviews by Carol Brannigan

  • Hexult on Nov. 18, 2011

    This was an enjoyable read. The genre is only very loosely science fiction (I would hesitate to even call it as loosely). I would describe this as a YA fantasy adventure with suggestions of post apocalyptic and dystopian tones. Even though it wasn't the genre I was expecting, I enjoyed the story very much. I think this would be a great read for children as it should keep their attention but would also provide some very important lessons. I was happy about the message but also pleased that the author created believable characters that were fairly well developed. It was also nice that the ending wasn't wrapped up in a nice tidy bow- yes the story took care of the bulk of loose ends but not specifically with an unrealistic "happy ever after". How was this relatively short book able to encompass tones of dealing with politics, superstition, irrationality, science and prejudice all wrapped up in an adventure story? Well- to find out that I would recommend reading it.
  • Finding Fiona on Nov. 18, 2011

    A short read which takes on quite an interesting and topical view of science and ethics. This novella is very fast paced but you do get a glimpse of the main character and her struggles- along with a bit of philosophy and a smidgen of physics thrown in. A nice little gem that is sure to get the thinking wheels in motion.
  • Fresh Flesh on Dec. 24, 2011

    Quite a good story. I was pleased that I was never quite able to figure any parts out. The back stories for each "character" was jarring but in a good and creepy way. A newer take on human nature at its darker heart. Recommended for those who enjoy horror with a strong psychological take.
  • The Trees: A Collection on Dec. 25, 2011

    This short story collection has a couple good ones and the reminder are a bit of meh. Larouche: This was creepy and spooky and set the undertones very well. Happiness is a Dead Ladybug: A bit endearing but a little on the short side. I felt there was more to work with and that this could really have been a nice existential piece- but it fell short. Sheltered: This was one that worked well for me as I tend to like post-apocalyptic stuff. It wasn't overly original but done well enough for enjoyment. The Tree: The premise was good but the story as a whole was confusing. I wish there has been a little more meat to it. The first Date: This was not the right way to end - specifically because it seemed very incomplete. I not quite sure what it was even about. All in all I give it an average of 3 stars. The author has potential but its not been really tapped very well.
  • Photographic Detonation & Other Tales on Dec. 25, 2011

    Not really what I would call horror stories (well maybe the last one might qualify). Not really what I would call very well constructed stories either. All the stories start and end abruptly. There are good initial ideas but none written well enough to completion. I wanted to like the stories but I just couldn't get around the uninteresting factor and the lack of depth they had.