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  • Punished Arelia LaRue Book #2 on Aug. 08, 2012

    Not a trilogy? OMG, I've just bought book 3 and thought it's the last one. I need book 4 sooner than fall this year please give it too me, need it sooooooo badddddd !! Awesome books by the way lol
  • Witchwood Estate - Ferntree Falls (book 2) on April 16, 2013

    I'm no good in reviews but I'll give it a try because I love Patti Roberts, I'm her number 1 fan in The Netherlands lol ... (I can read every book in English, but writing in English is a disaster) I loved book 1, it was so refreshing. Only the waiting is so hard. Book 2 is sooo good, I could see it all, the house, the cemetery all of it. And OMG how I hated Raymond !! I almost yelled at him ... (I did) I loved Fern, and the way Alexandria goes back in time. Kat was awesome how she dealed with Vera, I would loved to help her. Patti, this was so good, can't wait for book 3. xoxo Conny
  • Dead End (Kiera Hudson Series Two) Book 9 on June 03, 2014

    I've had goosebumbs, tears in my eyes, I was angry and sad, and very very happy. So, all I can say is, thank you Tim O'Rourke for again this fantastic Dead End. I love Kiera, Potter, Kayla, Isidor, Melody, Sam, Murphy and all the others, but most of all I LOVE YOU TIM, for giving me so many emotions by reading this book. You know why I had tears in my eyes, and also about the goosebumbs. You also know why I was angry, and than again so very happy ................ It doesn't need an explanation ... You know what I mean by it, thanks again Tim. Can't wait till winter is here.