Anthony Garvey


I have spent all my life working with words, in public relations or as a journalist.

When I couldn’t decide whether to write an adult or a children’s book, the spirits from the other side intervened.

My mother-in-law Eileen sadly passed away after a long illness. Four months later my wife visited a medium in England called Julie Wise to see how her mum was managing on the other side. I’m a sceptic, so I stayed away, but my wife brought a recording home.

During the reading my spirit guide - apparently a Buddhist monk – barged forward unprompted to declare I was born to write children’s books and my sons (Zach and Samuel) were here to help me in that quest.

My wife encouraged me to write a children’s book.

Who was I to argue with her...or the spirits on the other side?

Sixty days later I wrote ‘the end’ even though I know it is just the beginning.

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