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Writer of young adult, teen, and adult fiction and recently poems. Working to be published. Avid reader and lover of all types of art. I'm an Aquarius.

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  • O N C E-----Ask me anything, not Love on June 02, 2010

    I found the book, Once-----Ask Me Anything Not Love, to be very enjoyable and heartbreaking story at the same time to read. It is a story that stays with you long after you have finished reading it. I loved the style and voice of the author telling one man’s story that he had to share with the world. I loved how the man did everything that he could to right a mistake that he had made in his life. The use of poems made the story even more believable and heartfelt for me as a reader. I felt his pain and heartache through the entire story. It is obvious that Mian has done an amazing amount of research on this book with the references to many places in Ukraine and surrounding cities. The use of poems and art work make the book unique and therefore make others want to read about someone that searches for love throughout their life.
  • Victim of Shame: Why me, God? on Nov. 21, 2010

    Reading the book, Victim of Shame: Why me, God? Was a great read. It makes you wonder what a person has went through to become a victim of shame. The poems go wonderfully with the story and help you to understand the story telling. The writing flows beautifully and you are lost in the world of the characters. The pictures for the book make you want to read more about the story, as well. I found Ryan, Maria, Sarah, and even Johnny delightful characters and thoroughly enjoyed their company as they told their story. Victim of Shame makes you think about the actions that you make and for the reasons that you make them. Some things that you do affect others even when you don’t know it.