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  • Destine; The Watcher's Trilogy Book 1 on Oct. 17, 2012

    I also was offered this book to do a fair and honest review. To be honest, I had no idea as to what the book was even about. I was finished with my current novel and looking for my next "fix". It took me a bit to read this however, as I was unable to figure out how to transfer to my Kindle and do not like being in front of the computer screen for very long. When I first started reading this and saw the first Bible phrase, I really thought I was going to have a difficult time following the events since I am not familiar. I was more than pleasantly surprised to find that I had no problem understanding the text, or the verses. I was hooked instantly on the storyline and was unable to start another book until I finished this one because I kept comparing them to this. I think my favorite aspect of the book was Michelle, the main character of the book, and Cami, her best friend's, relationship and all she went through to save her. It brought me back to my awkward High School years and made me wish I had some larger destiny, and a gorgeous boy like Gabriel, to make my senior year that exciting. I highly recommend this book however feel it wouldn't be appropriate for the YA group. I am going to look right now to see if there will be a sequel!
  • Chasing Nikki on Dec. 18, 2012

    Coming from a family of addicts I was instantly intrigued to read this book for not only the love story but for the aspect of addiction. The reason it only got 4 stars was due to that. I felt that the part of the addiction and what he was really going through was lacking. I know from first hand experience of dealing with family members that stopping using is never that easy. THAT being said and out of the way, I will say OMG. What an amazing love story. I think we have all had that "one" in High School that we thought we would be with forever and that our lives would end without them. She captured this so well that I went back to my youth and my first love with every word. Without giving a spoiler, I will just say that the last few chapters had me angry, shocked, emotional, and blubbering like I was a child. I NEVER expected it and didn't see it coming. If it were a semi, I would have been hit. I loved this book overall and very much look forward to reading more by this amazing author!