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Born in Hamburg, educated in Nazi Germany, the UK and USA, he was recruited by CIA right out of college and served in Germany and elsewhere in operations against Soviet Bloc targets. Following retirement, he and his wife lived aboard a 37' sloop for almost four years, sailing the Caribbean and South Atlantic. Today he lives in South Carolina.

Smashwords Interview

Another 9/11 account? Why? Fact or Fiction?
Because Usama bin Laden’s prime courier was recently identified – and figures in this fictionalized account.

The 9/11 attack was carried out by al Qaeda’s Hamburg cell. Four of the attackers occupied and operated out of an apartment a few blocks from my former home. A retired Clandestine Services case officer, I had had sources in Hamburg during the Cold War, but in August, 2001, I was in there as a tourist; Hamburg’s government was and is making an effort to reconcile with Jews who fled Germany during the Holocaust.

In 2001 both the US and the Federal Republic of Germany (FRG) were keeping an eye on a radical Suni group spouting hatred and jihad from “al-Quds,” a storefront mosque in downtown Hamburg. But this was German territory, and still ashamed of its Nazi past the FRG was reluctant to move too aggressively against a religious group. The US did what it could, but AXIS was just one of the many ‘dots’ whose significance did not become apparent until after 9/11.

We do not know, (but strongly suspect) that AXIS received its instructions via courier, as al Qaeda was already avoiding the use of cell phones and e-mails. It is probable that orders to such a key group would have been conveyed by Usama bin Laden’s most trusted courier, Abu-Ahmend al Kuawaiti. The story is based in part on that speculation.
The story alleges your wife played a significant role in the case. How common is that?
It’s up to the local Chief of Station, but in my posts it was not uncommon. Sitting across from one another, my wife and I could keep an entire room under observation. If a female target browsed extensively in a lingerie department (a favorite surveillance detection ploy), a male surveillant would stand out like a sore thumb, etc. More importantly, she was smarter than I was, and her insights were invaluable.
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They gathered in Hamburg to plot jihad. Some had had flight training; the rest were muscle. Only one knew the endgame, but all knew they would die. Dedicated amateurs. Careless, made mistakes, and CIA got wind of them early on. Here's how it went down.

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