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Springwood Emedia is the home of authors: Mikey Simpson, Jay Rai, James Newton, Rohana Choo, Willow Jordan, Simi Sanderson, Rishi Harrison, Samuel Jacobs and many more.

We publish popular ebook titles in the following categories: World cuisine cookbooks, SciFi and Crime Fiction enovels, Children's story ebooks and Self Help ebooks.

We publish and support bestselling Titles:
James Newton: Cookbook Series
Jay Rai's Kitchen: Cookbook Series
Rohana Choo's Kitchen: Cookbook Series
Mikey Simpson: Scifi Series - Star Warriors, Crime fiction - Gangstertopia, Children's Short Stories - Dragon Tales
Rishi Harrison: Children's Short Stories - The Night Badgers
Samuel Jacobs: Pet Guide series
Simi Sanderson: Self Help ebooks

An extensive portfolio of titles are also published online, to find out more about our enovels and cookbooks visit all major ebookstores.


Smashwords Interview

How has Smashwords contributed to the success of Springwood Emedia?
Springwood Emedia has benefited tremendously from Smashwords insight into the indie epublishing world. It has enabled a grass roots publishing house to flourish across many genres such as: Scifi - Star Warriors, Crime Fiction - Gangstertopia and International bestselling ecookbooks by authors such as: James Newton, Jay Rai and Rohana Choo.
Our bestselling titles are now available in all leading ebookstores thanks to the Smashwords 'Style Guide' and ever expanding distribution list available to our account.
As a publishing house we are very happy to be associated with Smashwords and value the incredible ongoing work behind the scenes to push indie publishing from strength to strength.
We look forward to expanding our horizons with Smashwords, pursuing the goal of one day having our titles on sale in China.
What is the greatest joy of publishing?
Publishing is a combination of pushing a creative idea, identifying new markets and harnessing creative writing to produce popular titles for a vast array of genres (media hungry markets). Our publishing house gets a lot of satisfaction from helping authors develop material and then market titles with the right exposure to become successful ebooks.
Springwood Emedia loves to be involved in the creation of bestselling eNovels, eCookbooks and Children's Short Story ebooks. Working closely with authors we produce the platform and the artwork needed to promote and market titles through a vast distribution of ebookstores and social media channels. We continue to encourage Authors to embrace Indie publishing and the rewards associated with self publishing their own work.
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