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Smashwords book reviews by Susan Frances

  • 45 Free Reiki Attunements on March 24, 2012
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    45 Free Reiki Attunements author and Reiki Master, Chris Comish describes the thirteen primary chakras in the human body and at what color vibration these portals respond to so they can be opened up and cleansed of negative feelings. This is not a book designed for beginners but for knowledgeable practitioners of Reiki. For those new to Reiki, it is a type of spiritual spa treatment where practitioners use the heat pulse of their hands hovering over the body to open up blocked channels. The way a surgeon uses medical tools to unblock an artery a Reiki specialist uses the hands in the same manner. These blocked passages can be in the solar plexus or stomach, or another part of the body that aches or is not opened up to its full potential. Reiki uses people’s mental capacity to perform the process of healing. Patients of Reiki visualize the practitioner’s hands opening blocked channels and awakening dormant sensations through colors of light. Comish outlines that red is the ray of power, blue the ray of love/wisdom, yellow the ray of creative intelligence, emerald green the ray of harmony, orange the ray of concrete science, indigo blue the ray of abstract idealism and devotion and so on. Though Comish focuses on the healing aspects of these rays of light, his discussion explains why people might gravitate to a particular paint color in their room, or why certain room colors are unpleasant to people. 45 Free Reiki Attunements is all dedicated to learning which colors resonate to which aspect of life, and to concentrate on that color which corresponds to the aspect that’s deficient in one’s life.
  • Eternal Spirit on March 24, 2012

    Eternal Spirit by Reiki Master, Chris Comish has overtones of religious practices and beliefs such as encouraging prayer/meditation to turn a negative situation around. Comish quotes St. Francis of Assisi and proposes that baptism is a Reiki attunement. He also proposes that thoughts and emotions can create reality. Eternal Spirit promotes the ascension of the spirit to connect with its Creator. This is identical to the tenets of Christianity only in Reiki’s principles, the ascension is experienced through the body starting at the feet and rising up to the crown. Comish explains that Reiki is Japanese for the universal life energy, the energy which moves people into action and causes events whether good or bad to occur. People and events are strung together through time and imprinted in the Akashic Records. Though Comish only skims over beings who are called Wayshowers and Lightworkers, those who keep balance so the negative does not outweigh the positive, his objective is to guide the reader through a battery of exercises to transform themselves into emanating positive energy. In Eternal Spirit, Comish discusses the Full Spectrum Healing, which is a process for clearing emotional blockage in the body. The Kundalini which is a snake-like force along the spine is at the center of the Reiki treatments. The battery of exercises is designed to change fear and darkness into light and joy. These exercises involve visualizing various colors to open blocked passages and through mediating on Reiki symbols to bring one in unison with the alpha omega healing force or God. Comish quotes Sri Chinmoy Ghose as saying, “When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.” This is the gist of Eternal Spirit.
  • The Ascension Rays, Book One: Empowerment on March 24, 2012

    Chris Comish’s instructional book The Ascension Rays, Book One: Empowerment provides exercises for one to attain enlightenment and self-awareness. He explains that the e-ray attunement is designed to stimulate spiritual revelation. Through the use of Reiki symbols, individuals have been able to experience a higher level of self and understanding of others which prevents negative feelings from being stored in the body. When love persists, harmony flourishes. The Reiki symbols which Comish provides have familiar forms in contemporary thinking. For instance, the Usui Reiki Power Symbol has a likeness to contemporary illustrations of a dragon’s tail and the Harth symbol has a likeness to modern flying kites. It is likely that Reiki symbols like Rune symbols are all around us. Comish furnishes testimonials from patients who have experienced the metamorphosis and put their faith in Reiki’s form of mediation to heal themselves.
  • The Guardian Michel (Brotherhood of the Guardians #1) on July 18, 2012
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    Using such themes as reincarnation, vampires, and revenge, author Laura Browning weaves an intricate tale about two people who have been kept apart by external forces until this lifetime. The Guardian Michel is the first book in Browning’s serial Brotherhood of the Guardians about a band of male vampires who set out to destroy the rogues of their kind. The brotherhood’s goal is to protect humans from being tortured by these rogues or worse being turned into a vampire by them. Browning has several layers to her story, oftentimes making the plot overly complicated and difficult for the reader to grasp. The first layer is the love story between Lilly Evans, a photographer in this lifetime, and Michel de Valois who was changed into a vampire in his present life. The pair first met in another time, the Antebellum South when they were both humans. They were kept apart then by external forces and both died tragically in that lifetime. Once becoming a vampire in this time period, Michel joins Gabriel St. Michael, the leader of Guardian Investment. Later the reader learns that Gabriel was Lilly’s brother in an even more distant lifetime when they were both humans. The flashbacks to past lives are sporadic and places the characters all over the place through the time spectrum with the reader left in the dust trying to arrange the pieces of the puzzle in a coherent fashion. A lot of the work is left to the reader to figure out, even with all of the explanations that Browning furnishes. The last layer of the story focuses on revenge. Lilly’s sister Hortense from the Antebellum period is a vampire in this lifetime and means to make Lilly pay for stealing Michel de Valois from her. The tension produces an element of horror that takes away from the romance. Lilly needs to become a vampire in order to save her life which draws comparisons to the Twilight series when Bella Swan needs to be turned into a vampire or she would die. The complications aren’t as well seamed into the fabric of the story to make The Guardian Michel any different from the other vampire-oriented books on the market. Assertions which are made aren’t congruent with what has been told to the reader. Thus making the reader reorganize the information already received to try and put together the whole picture. Browning’s speech could be more concise, although the elements for an intriguing tale are there.
  • Angelic Encounters: True Stories of Angelic Protection, Assistance, and Comfort on Jan. 22, 2013

    Celestial bodies in the form of angels possessing supernatural sensory abilities play a significant role in each story cited by author C.A. Starfire in her book Angelic Encounters: True Stories of Angelic Protection, Assistance, and Comfort. Most people are familiar with angels through movies like It’s a Wonderful Life when the angel Clarence endeavors to earn his wings by helping Jimmy Stewart’s character George Bailey to see that his life is worth living. The encounters which Starfire describe have a few common denominators with the depiction of the angel Clarence such as their intent to help and do good. The angels in the person’s vision are faces which have never been seen before, though it’s not the angel’s face that the people remember afterwards but the glowing aura of theses celestial forms. It’s also not the words from the angels that make an impact on these witnesses but the impression which the angels leave in the people’s minds. The collection which Starfire has accumulated on angelic encounters show several differences with the preconceived idea of angels formed by Hollywood screenwriters and filmmakers. Still, Starfire’s book fodders the belief that angels do come to mortals in visions and their purpose is to help much like the angel Clarence did in Jimmy Stewart’s movie.