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Smashwords book reviews by Wendy Hines

  • The Ghost Of A Flea on Feb. 24, 2011

    Roger Davis is just your average, everyday man. He spends his days at his boring job, and comes home to his wife, who doesn't really do it for him anymore. He spends one night a week with his best friend Gideon. Gideon and he usually talk philosophy or Roger spends time defending himself and his wife, but Roger enjoys that one night away from his contorted marriage. On this particular evening, Gideon thinks that Roger needs to relax and pulls out the "medicine". Roger has never smoked the weed before, so isn't sure what to expect, but he accepts and looks at the painting Gideon wants to show him, one that is replicaed in a London Gallery. Then something quirky happens. Roger begins to hear voices, see things that aren't there, and loses things, but when he questions his wife, she doesn't know what he is talking about. Then Gideon is murdered, and Roger is the last person to see him. He is now a person of interest. He teams up with an attractive friend of Gideon's, Peggy, to begin their own investigation on who really killed Gideon. At this time, Roger's wife has moved out, but he is too busy chasing down clues to really give it another thought. He doesn't trust Peggy, he doesn't trust the police, and he doesn't trust his wife. Confusion is a major propeller in this tightly coiled and velocious thriller. Confusion for Roger or the reader is for you to determine. But will Roger get the clues in order before his life is forfeit? John Brinling brings us an exemplary whodunit set in 1975. It was refreshing to read a novel without computers and cellphones at every turn to get them out of trouble. Real footwork is involved in the investigation and the twists and turns of who is telling the truth and are whom they say they are will leave your head spinning but if you can slide your logic into appropriate slots, you will be extremely satisfied with the conclusion. This book will appeal to many mystery and thriller fans. The plot is authentic, the characters realistic and well developed and the writing is seamless. A fantastic read!
  • The Fate Of The Muse on Nov. 10, 2011

    In this third and thrilling installment of Marina's Tales, Marina has recuperated from her kidnapping and is enjoying her time with her boyfriend, Ethan. They and their friends are getting ready for prom and high school graduation. Things are going well, except for the confusing visions Marina is experiencing. After graduation, Marina is to fly to Paris and meet with the council. Being a hybrid, half mermaid and half human, she has gifts that not many, if any, have. She's scared of the imminent trip, but her Aunt Evie assures her all will be well. Be that as it may, Marina doesn't want to leave Ethan. The two have plans to marry and be together forever, even if they have to wait until Marina is of age to do so. But not all is at it seems. Someone wants Marina's help in acquiring a baby mermaid. They believe the baby's blood is the key to immortality. Marina's the only person they know who knows the whereabouts of the child. They will stop at nothing to acquire Marina's help, even taking the life of one of her loved ones. Marina begins to question her choices. Ethan is working so hard she barely sees him. Also, his ex-girlfriend Amber has returned to town. Marina begins to believe that maybe Ethan is better off without her, even though she loves him with all of her heart. As her friends begin to realize their dreams, she struggles between two worlds, that of the sea and that of her heart. Will she realize where she belongs before it is too late? Fate of the Muse is a thrilling addition to the series. As the group of friends' graduation and move onto their lives, Marina questions her choices. She loves Ethan but is she burdening him? She wants her mermaid sisters to be safe, but at what cost? Romance, intrigue, mermaids and high fashion shows highlight this page-turning young adult novel. I can't wait for the next installment! Derrolyn Anderson is a must read author!
  • Angel Evolution on Feb. 16, 2012

    Taylor is a freshman at college and adjusting to the campus and college life fairly well. She still keeps having nightmares about serpents, so she is constantly tired. When she meets Gabriel, she is instantly attracted to him, but his dilated eyes and glowing aura have her treading carefully. Taylor has a gift, and soon the reader is introduced to Christopher. Gabriel is an angel and Christopher a demon, but they are hiding something. They consistently lie to Taylor and as the central persona in the war of good vs. evil, it makes it difficult for her to make realistic decisions. Althought I liked the character of Taylor, I didn't care for Gabriel at all. Very egotistical and over-confident, his character held no appeal to me. As the first in a new series, Angel Evolution shows real promise and I look forward to how the story will proceed in the next installment. Maybe I'll that connection between reader and character then, but it was very weak in this one.
  • Vigilare on May 12, 2012

    Wow! I love reading thrillers and paranormal, but Vigilare is a real treat! The Vigilare is super human, seeking to protect those that can't protect themselves. But is she any better than those she stalks? It really makes one stop and think - is an eye for an eye really the solution? The animosity between Detectives DeLuca and Gronkowski is entertaining, yet compelling but it is the way the citizens react to the horrific crimes being committed in their city that really makes you sit up and pay attention. The murders aren't pretty and the crime scenes horrific, but James writes with tact and class and the scenes are set without the possibility of nightmares. Not knowing who the Vigilare was had me up late turning the pages - I had to know! Such a creative and complex race, I yearn to know more about them. Looking and acting like humans, you wouldn't know if one was sitting next to you. The book really raises some discussion worthy questions, but the story itself is thoroughly entertaining, with an urban feel and an astonishing twist at the end, leaving this reader waiting for the next exciting installment!
  • The Athena Effect on Oct. 20, 2012

    I've read Derrolyn's Marina books and loved every one of them. So, I was really excited to get my hands on her newest release, The Athena Effect. It's a long way from mermaids but the writing is just as good, which equals terrific! Caledonia 'Cal' has lived her whole live in a cabin in the woods. When her parents are killed in a tragic accident, she goes to live with an aunt and her boyfriend. Cal is very smart, but she's never attended school or lived in the modern world - so it's a bit of shock cultural for her. She also has the rare talent of seeing auras. When she breaks up a fight that Calvin 'Cal', a local boy, is in, she just walks back into the woods. But Cal is smitten with her and is happy when he finds out she is the new girl in school. He's also curious about her two differently colored eyes and why she always walks with her head down. The two become fast friends and soon beyond that, but nothing is ever that simple. Someone experimented on her parents and now they want Cal for her abilities. They'll stop at nothing to get her, and she will do anything to get back to Calvin. Full of intrigue, complex and riveting characters, exceptional writing and a solid plot, The Athena Effect is a superb first novel in a new series. I loved it!