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Smashwords book reviews by Erica Abrams

  • Illicit Magic (Book 1, Stella Mayweather Series) on April 14, 2012

    I will give this 3.5 stars! Pro's I liked Stella she is logical not too trusting and somehow believable Evan sounds sexy And I love a sexy love interest ! The world building was decent enough I liked the general storyline of the novel one reason I picked this up. Cons: The overall outcome of the novel/ mystery was too predictable for me. I suppose it must come into play in some conceivable way but I just wasn't keen on how it turned out. The last 10% of the book was unnecessary to me I kept waiting for something interesting to happen and it didn't in fact had it not been for the last 10% I would have rated this 4 stars. I felt it was a perfect opportunity to pose a sort if cliffhanger, something that makes me seriously want to pick up the next book and I was let down. The love scenes could have been written better this book was really more romance than mystery and I felt like it should have been explored more as such Overall I'm not about to rush out and buy the second book but I would read the next installment
  • The Athena Effect on Feb. 24, 2013

    "This was a fast easy read. I enjoyed the romance in this and it managed to touch on some mature subjects while still being young adult. Things I liked 1. Cali she was unique and although it is overdone for a heroine to be unique and beautiful while shy and completely innocent to her beauty. This didn't bother me as much as it could have. 2. The love- I am happy a love triangle was not invented. And even tho they "fell" into love kinda fast it was done cautiously enough that I actually believed it. 3. The super hero " Athena effect" I like the idea and aura work and manipulation is borderline believable enough. 4. The overall story. Simple enough easy read. Things I disliked 1. The writing, I both liked and disliked this but the reason it's here is because it was done in a way where it often switched point of views, this could have worked but I felt like it switched to often and tho it wasn't written in first person while switching describing the feelings of each one person then another in the next paragraph kinda bothered me. I also felt like it was someone telling me a bedtime story or giving me a quick montage during a movie. I liked the characters but it wasn't written in a way where I actually felt really strongly about any of them. I know I am coming off reading an extremely well written book previously so maybe I am spoiled. I just felt the point of view and writing style could be improved. 2. The ending. i get that there needed to be something to get readers to want to read book two. But the way it was done did not really rub me right. I like teddy being the big bad crazy genius ugly. And as smart an manipulative as he is I don't really see things going down the way they did... You telling me he could full neurosurgeon grad students but fails with a thug? Either way I do really want to read the next installment, tho I disliked the writing because I wasn't as emotionally involved as I could be I also liked it because of that! It means its a blazingly fast easy read!!"