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Bear with the state of the world ground work: Hitler was attempting to take over the world. December 1931 at the direction of Hitler, Heinrich Luitpold Himmler established the SS Race and Settlement Office. The purpose of the office was to determine eligibility for entry into the SS (Schutzstaffel). The ultimate goal of Hitler and Himmler was to establish a group of so-called racial elite. Himmler's cult was attempting to form the perfect blond hair, blue eye'd race. In the summer of 1934 Hitler authorized Himmler to centralize the concentration camp system under SS leadership. My grandmother and her family became Jews in hiding. December 7, 1941 Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. December 8, 1941 Franklin Delano Roosevelt declared war against Japan. December 20, 1941 Frances Mae Stacey gave birth to Ronald William Stacey.

I was raised in a small mill and smelter copper mining town in Hayden Arizona classified as a war baby.

Everybody knew everybody and respected each other's station in life, right or wrong in his or her personal perception of another's "station". Some things simply weren't questionable.

The town had two major employers: Kennecott Copper Corporation and American Smelting and Refining, known as "A S & R". Dad worked for Kennecott and mom worked for "A S & R".

Using the book titled "The Robe", my grandmother taught me to read at the age of three, which came in handy upon entering the first grade at the age of four. My job as a first grader was to help teach the kindergarten children to read and speak English. The only kindergarteners were Mexican children. The non-Hispanic white kids all started school in the first grade. The reason for this was: in the area's early years most every, if not all of the Mexican children were non-English, or poor English, speaking products of literate parents that were illegal aliens. Their unemployed parents desperately needed incomes, while only one parent could be gainfully employed by one of the two companies. In the community it was impossible for their mom to work due to no openings were ever available for them. As a side note: in the early 1940's and 50's it was out of the question for other races to even bother applying for employment at either company. It is not so today.

Needless to say I became very protective and supportive of many of these kids over the years. Due to racial prejudicial categorization practiced by both the Hispanic and white kids I learned to pick close friends early, both Hispanic and white. As innocent children we all accepted our union together and lifestyle without question or malice, but little did we know, as was the rest of the world, we were on a journey with our King. The King was showing us His provision and pointing the way to health, wealth and relationships for us in fullness.

As with most all people, I too didn't know my friends and I were on a journey with the King. The quandary I faced everyday was many of the Hispanic kids came to school hungry and had no lunch. I could not understand why they went hungry when I never missed a meal? In my quest to find an answer I gave many of my lunches away learning quickly my giving was not the answer. Later in life our King introduced me to His covenant and together we continued our eternal journey all people begin in the womb. It's your turn now. Take my lunch, indulge and enjoy. Others will be blessed because of your richly prophetic journey with the King, our Covenant Factor.

Being kings of the King, man was not created to be subject to the ill effects of poverty, stupidity, or the mark of any beast. He is meant to enjoy health, wealth, and his relationships to its fullest having dominating authority in all areas of life. I'm forever grateful for my beginnings. I have learned this life is not about us, but we receive the blessings, if we know how to embrace them and the giver.

I have been a real estate investor and adviser for many years, but one day the King impressed on me this one word: "Write". I knew exactly what He meant. He wanted me to help the body think powerfully and appropriately. He wasn't asking me to quit business and venture out into some forlorn desert. He simply wanted me to impart to the body especially my experiences of the journey we all are on. The only way I could do that is to show we are headed for let's say, some interesting times in this world. The people ("those without lunches") are going to need to do things they have never dreamed possible before. His sole purpose is to move His undefeatable body forward with dignity and truth. We are prophets to the body and the destructive elements of the nations. Those little kids in kindergarten also went forward after hearing the word. Many of them I graduated from high school with and we went to college. Today they are powerful, respectable people because our King had a plan. We were called for a common purpose, as are all men.

Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations. Jeremiah 1:5

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The Covenant Factor - A Journey With Our King
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Embark on a journey with our King walking in victorious Christian living. Have Abundant Life - Possess Excellent Health - Power To Rule And Have Wealth - Build Strong Relationships - Gain Wisdom, Knowledge And Understanding - Experience Real Miracles - Walk Through Walls - Multiply Loaves And Fishes - Disappear In A Crowd - Turn Water Into Wine – Overcome Enslavements/Addictions - And Much More.

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