Stacey Darlington


Stacey Darlington loves mythology and magic. Her interest in the supernatural began in early childhood. Her family consists of Shamans, Healers, and Psychics. Stacey practices energy healing and Earth Magic. She also teaches classes on totem animals and does guided meditations.
She believes this planet is a gift from our creator and all things contain messages and resources from our personal god. Stacey challenges you to look for the mysteries all around you. If an animal come to you to share its wisdom, will you listen?

Stacey works as the Medication Manager at an assisted living facility in Florida. She does this to honor her elders for their wisdom. She uses her holistic hand and her silly sense of humor to spread love and dispel their fear as they transition from this realm to the next.

Music is another of her artistic mediums. She enjoyed some local fame with her original band, Jerusalem Cherry, where she wrote all of the songs and lyrics. Now she plays guitar and bass for fun.

As for Stacey's love of mythology, she favors the Greek myths, with Medusa as her all time favorite. She enjoys writing for the junior audience and has done well with her book, Athena's Curse. Stacey gives lectures at schools and events to promote literacy.

She is also an upholstery artist and enjoys creating original works of art

Her dog, Mavis, inspired her novel, Long Snows Moon. Mavis is, by Stacey's own words, is one magical beast.

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