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  • A Pittsburgh Storm on Oct. 11, 2009

    I am a big fan of apocalypse fiction which is what made me purchase this book.I really enjoyed it.Once I started it I pretty much read it straight through.I would love to know what happens to Martin and Matt though.I know that nowadays sequels and series are par for the course and some books REALLY should just stop after the first but I think this would book would make a great first in a series's hoping!
  • After the End on Oct. 01, 2010
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    As a fan of the Zombie genre I really enjoyed this book-especially for the price! If you go to buy a zombie book at a bookstore you can expect to pay about $15! I enjoyed it so much that I looked up the authors website to see if maybe she has a second book coming out that will let us know what happened to the survivors-especially the ones in the helicopter.I didn't see anything about a second installment but here's hoping......................