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From a small town with big dreams, William Stadler grew up in Reidsville, North Carolina, graduated from NC State University, and now resides in Garner not far from Research Triangle Park.

With a desire to see concepts come to life such as ambition and desire, he writes fantasy with a bent to personify the abstract. "There will always be layers to my writing," William mentioned in an interview. And these layers are clearly evident in his first series The Pioneers as well as his second series Dark Connection.

His fast-paced writing brings intrigue and scientific wonder to his fantasy, making the fantasy elements feel real and discovered, both by the characters and the reader. The Pioneers is a case-in-point as his characters delve deeper into the technology of the time to uncover a real-world solution to a looming global threat.

Dark Connection has a similar approach in that the fantasy is part of the culture and is used often by citizens of the nation.

Look for more works of fiction from this author where you can always, always, always expect to read and think and dream as worlds unfold and as lives are either raised...or razed.

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The Pioneers
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