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Stanley Graham prefers to be called Stan. Only my dad ever called me Stanley.
I grew up in S.E. London.
Number of career paths,finished up as a Bucket I chucked everything in a bucket, stirred it round and waited to see what happened. A bit like I write my books.
Started writing in the 1990's.
My first book which was not the first published was "Dinner at Crazy Alices'" I got the title in my head and couldn't let it go. I spent about 15 years on this, on and off before finally plucking up courage to finish and submit it.When I told a friend that it was about some guy living in a cemetery and eating someone's dog, he went Urrg and I knew I was onto a winner.

"Stranger in Paradise" was a new venture for me, when I adopted the mindset of a elderly woman who has been torn from her comfort zone to start a new life. I try to explore the problems of growing old.

"Sherlock Holmes Missing Files" developed from a lifelong love of Holmes.A short story about Sherlock Holmes was published in "Stafford Post".
and I am currently working on a new set of short stories about the magnificent duo.
Sometimes my British sense of humour creeps into the stories and I realise that it is not always appreciated, but I do my best.

I am also writing a book about petty gangsters based broadly on situations and guys I grew up with, where crime was just one of the career paths on offer. Whether it ever comes to a conclusion I don't know.

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