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  • Slant: A Novel on May 13, 2012

    As I was going through the book, there were so many emotions and feelings aroused by the writing that I was determined to write a good review for the book. Now I doubt that I am able to produce a proper review to show my admiration for Timothy Wang's work. This book stands among one of the best books I have picked up for reading. I am not an American Chinese. Still, Timothy was able to make me feel his feelings of being an Asian and also gay, as in being a second class American citizen in the gay or non-gay community. The things he said through James felt so real. Discrimination exists no matter how much we try to deny. Even when people try to tip-toe around the obvious, it is clear that race is an issue when the minority stands out in parties, dinner or any other social events. And it felt true that no matter how the other reacts, Asians would be picking up whatever tones that would be felt as racism. The ending to the novel left much to be admired. I wanted a happy ending, but I was willing to accept the way Timothy had chosen to draw the line. This is such a good book that I have to scream out aloud, to let people know. Can't wait for his next book.
  • Broken Dreams on June 12, 2012

    I only liked the first part where Toby found Lucas. The chapter where Lucas woke up did not do much for me. For someone who had just been sexually assaulted, he seemed okay. More infatuated by his saviour. And the character Craig was painted ugly. So ugly, it did not make sense there was a relationship continued on this. Too easy to dislike Craig but unconvincing to believe Lucas and Toby could find bonding too soon.
  • Language Lessons (gay romance) on June 13, 2012

    I like free stuff. So, I did tell myself to be kind with this review. I have read Jay Bell's Summer book and I was one of those few who did not award it 5 stars. Before reading this, I had hoped that I would change my mind about his writing style. Unfortunately, no. I felt the flow of the story and conversation were not smooth. Sometimes, they seemed to change or end abruptly. The conversation felt fake. Something like weak dialogues for a B-Grade gay themed films. They need to be polished. Bradley and Scott were as fake as can be. I don't even understand why they were included in the story. Not even convincing when they were approached by Joey for advice. I was surprised when Scott never punched Joey for his bad choice of words, when he directed a question to Brad. Oh yeah, the restaurant scene where Bradley and Scott met each other again... Fake. Sigh. But to be frank, I was more interested in Bradley and Scott than Joey and Phillip. Or Bradley and Scott, with a spying Joey.
  • The New Boy on June 19, 2012

    I thought the book started well. It was interesting and engaging. Somehow, along the way, once the dust settled between Alex and Dexter, things seemed to be thrill-less. It was more like I kept asking myself where was the story going with this? What ending was it seeking for? Why has it not ended yet? The portrayal of Gary as the jerk boyfriend kept the story easy for readers to prefer Alex with someone else. Too easy. I was also surprised to read on how everyone else's seemed to know Gary's biological problem. Was that even possible? Guys are guys. To think that they can lay cuddling and kissing without going far is a joke. For that, the story was less realistic.
  • The Passionate Attention of an Interesting Man on Jan. 24, 2013

    Don't mind me. This is the second book of Ethan Mordden that I have completed reading. I found Buddies difficult to follow. As much as I was really hoping to enjoy this one, I was not able to. I had been waiting for this book for more than a year. It was supposed to be released in the paperback format in November 2012 but it was taken off from several sites when the date of release passed. I was happy to see Smashwords offering this book in ebook format. Immediately, I bought one. This is a novella and four stories - short stories; Tom, Hopelessly Devoted to You, The Flippety Flop, The Suite and The Food of Love. I preferred The Suite as it was kinda suspenseful to see how the story was going to end. I was not able to follow Mordden's style of writing. It was easily for me to follow Tom, Flop and Suite. I was totally lost reading Hopelessly and Food. I had no idea what the stories were trying to convey and I lost interest. I have to admit that I could not 'buy' the idea that the young rich ones in Tom would talk in such a manner. No street talk. No cool brat slang. All of them talked in the same manner - high class and rather unbelievable at times. Even the cops were talking in a manner which was quite uncommon. I am sure Mordden has many fans who would disagree with me. I appreciate his work that does not jump into trashy bed scenes, unlike other M/M ebooks out there. However, I am not one who could digest such a depth of story-telling. I even missed out plots and had to re-read the earlier scenes just to understand what actually happened. Quickie? Oh yes. I did not even know they had done it until the scene quoted one to crash onto the bed, next to the other body. Sigh...