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  • Betrothal (Queen’s Honor, Tales of Lady Guinevere: #1), a Medieval Fantasy Romance NOVELLA on Sep. 10, 2013

    If you have not read any of Mande Matthews’s books yet, you need to as soon as possible! She is a creative writer and her stories are always beautifully narrated. Betrothal is not the only work of Mande Matthews I have gotten my hands on, her first book in the Shadowlight saga – Bonded, is also a masterpiece. She writes with such fluidity, the words are almost lyrical. And I am most pleased to say, she doesn’t let you down. Guinevere’s castle and kingdom, lies solely on her decision. Whether or not to wed Arthur Pendragon – who has alter motives in seeking her hand, than just wanting peace, love, and joy for their land. But Guin’s heart belongs to another, the mysterious knight that rides alongside Arthur. What will her decision be? I want more! Betrothal is a short novella, somewhat like a preview to a grander story. The book starts off with what seems to be a diary entry of Guin’s inner thoughts and her admitting to a relationship with Arthur, and then shifts to the events before that; how they met, what happened, and how she made up her mind. It then, ends with a ‘continuance’ page with another diary entry of Guin’s -- A unique way to move the story along, and capture the reader’s attention. I know I was hooked! The last continuance page alone was captivating, and you’ll catch on that maybe things did not turn out as Guin expected. This was what made me want to get my hands on Quest the next installment to this series. I want to talk about the characters, but because it is such a short book, I believe it is still a little too early to determine the personals of each character. Hopefully in book two, we will get background details and learn more of the characters. I can, however, say that Guinevere is a character of spunk. She makes a great protagonist, I can see this even in a few short pages. An entrancing introduction to what seems to be an adventurous series. Treat yourself and read a Mande Matthew’s book. A shout out to Mande: in a non-creepy way, I am addicted to your work. :D Disclosure: I received this book for review purposes, all opinions expressed are my own and I was not paid or influenced in any way.