"Once a thing is known it can never be unknown"

The Untold Story'

The story behind :


I have had a lot of online support. And it I with that that I have had the courage to write this book. About me my life.

I CAME to Facebook to set up the cause to get signatures of people willing to stand by me to change asloop hol in the law. A law that let pediophiles go free.

Then camr the JIMMY SAVEL CASES coming forward my job was done.

These people "waiting in the wings" as our solicitor once said to us, who we would need to have behind us to amend the law, came forward and spoke out , they also highlighted their law problems. The same as my law problems. And legislation was implement.

Even tho my nonce admitted what he did , he is covered by a double jeopardy law...HE WILL remain free!

In the end
we got over 50,000 on support petition to change laws that protect pedophiles and over 700,0000 on we need to be told. of a sex offenders living near by.

I fought tirelessly for 14 years for other victims like me and I am now very proud of what I achieved., people are no longer ashamed they now come forward and speak out.

when I came to Facebook, I felt alone. I couldn't add people from my own family because they had disowned me, i had a son who was living with a family member not far from where the perpetrator was!

it was agreed by the police that we would keep him out of everything to protect his identity. For his own well being

I had been out to 10 million people in the sun news paper , and I was very scared but also very lonely but I had to do something to make other people take notice so CAMPAGN4JUSTICE was born.

I had had several mental breakdowns and my health has got worse I have lost my family, a baby and my health.
Someone took to trashing our car, I was being stalked, the police wanted to move us but I couldn't do that, so we invested in high security

The media spent forever trying to get me on TV, This morning, Lorraine a one to one with Jeremy kyle !
I was Even offered to be flown out to Oprah but I declined everything I just wanted to live quietly.

But after yet another breakdown. A friend said give writing a book a go. So I have.
I don't want to make mony from it so its FREE, I can't make money out of that...

It is my story in My life out there , in other peoples heads

" how on earth are you supposed to live with all that!

And try and fight a law angle so you can get justice...I never did

I learned a lot about politics and procedure, laws are a world unto there own. It is very complex.

I admit to being on a lot of medication now, I wouldn't call me brave just not someone with there head stuck in the sand.

It is scary how many ,"sheep", there are who turn the other way, didn't happen to me attitude. Or variations of your fault!

,I'm lucky my husband has been a rock, without him I know I would either be dead or a mess some where.
Someone had to do something for these victims/survivors and they helped me so much.

I still have flash backs. Voices in my head, and things trigger memories, so I have to be careful.

I have decided to use this page to High light the book
Thank you to everyone who helped and supported me

Smashwords Interview

What's the story behind your latest book?
Its a personal account of my life.telling the untold side to the newspaper story.
What do your fans mean to you?
If I can help one person. And let them know they are not alone. With what has happened to them. Then that is good to the people who have supported me I thank.
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