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Charlotte Jane Ivory is a writer of Historical Mysteries, Gothic Thrillers, and her own brand of "Victorianoir". She's a living, breathing warning of what happens when you have one foot in the twenty-first century, and one in the nineteenth. Represented by the Donald Maass Literary Agency, her current projects include a Victorian London murder mystery, a noir thriller about London gang wars during the mid 19th century, and a satirical fantasy novel.

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  • Goddess 9 to 5 on Nov. 11, 2011

    Enjoyable short story. A M Burns certainly knows the ins and outs of a call centre, and the juxtaposition with Gods and Goddesses taking calls was really enjoyable. Burns made th emost of opportunities for humour based on this odd scenario. I did feel that the story ended too abruptly. In fact, it felt more like the first chapter of a novel/novella than a true short story. Or maybe that is just my own wishful thinking - with a good story arc, this has the potential to be a full-length novel. There were already a few seeds of storylines in the short story which suggested that it would be an excellent longer story.