Steffie Dawn is twenty two years old and was born in Bangor in Wales where she still currently resides. She published Meeting My Master, the first in a series of seven books in April 2013 and third are now avialable too. Steffie is a freelance writer and an award winning poet. In her teenage years, Steffie volunteered with a local group where they provided a safe place and activities for young people during the school holidays, she also, with one of the other group workers set up a drama group for underprivileged young people on the estate she lives. After studying Dance for two years at the local college Steffie changed direction and at university studied Education Studies and Sociology which helped her decide to change paths once more and go and study Law in September 2014. Her hobbies include reading, photography and design.

Smashwords Interview

What do your fans mean to you?
Without the fans whom I call my sexy soldiers there wouldn't be a reason for me to publish my work! I love ever single member of Steffie Dawn's kinky army, they're all a lot of fun and we have some awesome conversations and discussions over on my facebook page. Hearing from them makes my day!
What are you working on next?
I am working on finishing the A week with my Romanian series currently. Once that's done it's on to bigger and better things with my novel In Her Shadows. I hope that it will reach a broader audience being in a different genre but not only that I believe it's an important story to tell.
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