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Stella MacLean has been writing for years. She likes the close relationship she has with her computer, and her muse a Maine Coon Cat named Emma Jean MacLean. Stella also likes what she does with the hours she spends hiding out in her office making up stories about the lives of imaginary people. Imaginary people are the most fun because no time is wasted on fact checking, research library visits or any of those other jobs that slow a writer down. Besides, with the stroke of a key any character you don’t like or have grown tired of can be easily removed. Stella enjoys telling stories about people who, like many of us, find love to be sometimes elusive.

The Art of Kissing Dangerously, the first book in The Best of the Hell’s Belles series, is one of her favorite stories.

Stella loves to hear from her readers, to have discussions about writing and reading and anything else that is of interest to those people who enjoy her books.

She can be reached at her website:
Or you can find her on Twitter: @Stella_MacLean
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Other books by Stella MacLean include:

Heart of My Heart, Harlequin Super Romance
Baby in Her Arms, Harlequin Super Romance
A Child Changes Everything, Harlequin Super Romance
The Christmas Inn, Harlequin Super Romance
The Doctor Returns, Harlequin Super Romance (out in September 2013)

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