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Smashwords book reviews by Jim

  • The Weeping Empress on Aug. 12, 2012

    What kind of name is Chiyo? Should have known from the heroine’s name that this work was an attempt at pretension. Now I’ve only read the first chapter and intend to give the book time to redeem itself, but . . . Who uses words like ‘accoutrement’ in modern fiction? Did the author just buy a thesaurus or did she not know how to use one? This is just one blaring example of poor word choices. Her choice of words, too often distract from the story and its flow. Next is the issue of pacing. She’s being attacked, it’s over, no a new attack, no it’s over, no she’s being attacked again. The switches were often so abrupt I got whiplash! As I say I’ve just read the first chapter and quite frankly don’t care about any of the characters yet. If I don’t by the end of the second chapter I’m done. I do see some interesting issues of plot and character, but they are unrealized in this tome. (The use of the word tome is an example of an inappropriate use of a word. Although it’s applicable, it’s not the best choice.)