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Born in a little suburban city just west of Toronto, Canada, Stephanie has since spent the last five years away from home, her family, and her pet bearded dragon. In Ottawa, Canada, she earned a B.A. in History and English at Carleton University and solidified her love of writing. It was during this time that she realized that life would be meaningless if she couldn’t write to find ways to play with reality.
Inspired by the works of Ursula le Guinn, Margaret Atwood, Arthur C. Clarke, Ray Bradbury, and Neil Gaiman, and described frequently as a young lady with her head constantly in the clouds, her writing has become a way to inspire and provoke a response. She has published the short stories “After it all” in Until the End; a dystopian themed anthology celebrating love at the end of the world, and “The Ginger Man” in Dark Fairy Tales Revisited: Volume II; a retelling of the gingerbread man fairytale.
Currently she resides in Edinburgh, Scotland and spends her time climbing small mountains, enjoying ghost walks, and sipping earl grey tea while researching for her current novel−an endeavor filled with magic, adventure, witch-hunts, and a touch of romance

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