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Smashwords book reviews by Steph Dell

  • Between on May 28, 2011

    All you romance lovers will gush at this book! Lindsey has died from a car crash, and is on her way to Heaven. Her transporter, Aiden, is Scottish, and hot. They fall in love. They spend the most amazing time together, however knowing that Lindsey has to leave to Heaven soon. Lindsey and Aiden were made for each other, and this is the case where dying was a good thing! This book is from the perspective of Lindsey, so we know how attracted to Aiden she is, leaving me attracted to him too. *sigh*. He is just everything perfect for a boyfriend, and with a Scottish accent?! My gosh. For the first half of the book there is no real "direction" but that is only a tiny thought that may arise in your brain. It doesn't affect how much you enjoy this book :) After that, unfortunate things happen, and I got very emotional. If you're soft like me, you might cry lol. Tefft has beautiful writing and will make you feel. I can't tell you if the ending is good or not, because there was a two way street that could've happened. I absolutely cannot wait until the next book comes out! Also, I don't think I'm one to judge, but I don't really know if younger readers are fit to read this. It may have some "mature content" :P