Stephen Morgan


Stephen Morgan is a former member of the British Labour Party National Executive Committee and a long time labour movement activist internationally. He spent considerable time in dangerous situations fighting for workers' unity in the civil wars in Northern Ireland and Yugoslavia. Stephen is also no stranger to the risks and difficulties of dissident life. He lived for three years in the Eastern Soviet Bloc Communist countries, where he helped organize underground opposition groups. He was involved in discussions with mutinous regiments of the East German Army before the fall of the Berlin Wall and was arrested by the East German “ Stasi” secret police. He was informed that he was under KGB surveillance for two years in Hungary and he was advised to flee Yugoslavia due to a threat from the military secret police following discussions with a dissident Admiral. He has worked in some 31 countries and continues to be involved in political developments worldwide from the Arab world to Russia and beyond. He speaks English, French and German and he is also a professional public speaker.

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