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I'm a fan of erotica. My tastes vary from time to time, but I have a tendency toward one type more than any other.

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  • My Wife's A Gangbang Addict on Feb. 27, 2011

    First of all, some context: this is a short (erotic) story, ordinarily to be read on an eReader. It isn't a novel, it isn't complex literature, and it isn't written on glossy paper. With that out of the way, what it *is* is a brief, erotic work on a married couple in which the wife gets off on being the object of gang bangs. Her husband gets off on it, too. After depicting what seems to be a typical night of sex for the couple, something changes that takes the husband in a different direction. Given that it's such a short story, it would be giving away the store to say anything more about the plot. There are several asides during the opening scene, where the important questions are answered (who, what, when, where, why), but they flow well with the rest of the story. I enjoyed this story beginning to end. The voyeuristic thrill of watching Connor is great, and the obvious enjoyment he feels watching his wife with other men is readily apparent. Most of the detail focuses on Kirsten's reaction to her pleasure and Connor's reaction to her pleasure. Ms. Shuel's descriptions are vivid and evocative without dwelling too long. This short story is an exciting foray into a taboo fetish, and I'm looking forward to reading more. On a more surface level, I really liked the cover image. A voluptuous, sensual redhead looks over her shoulder wantonly. A fitting description of this story.
  • Hard To Swallow on March 02, 2011

    This is a fun, short bit of cuckold erotica. A husband and wife explore her rape fantasy, and it's everything they wanted and more! To satisfy his taste for troilism, he procures three men to take her roughly. This story had the intended effect on me. It's very much a short story (don't expect too much plot), but Ms. Shuel's descriptions are vivid enough. There's a humorous twist at the end, too, which was fun. A good, light, erotic story.
  • Erotica Author Bares All on April 05, 2011

    This is a story told in parts of a divorced man's sexual adventures. Freed from what had become a nigh-sexless marriage, he's obviously making the most of his opportunities. A couple of these opportune moments are depicted with exciting detail, but the meat of the matter, so to speak, is when he's invited to an anonymous gang bang held by one of his favorite erotic authors and her assistant. As usual, Ms. Shuel excels when it comes to detail. She provides vivid descriptions of the action, but knows when brevity works best, too. The plot is solid but quiet throughout, and the twist ending is a lot of playful fun. If you like your erotica with a touch of heart and a bit of humor, give this a try.
  • Mom and Muttly; A Short Story of Incest and Bestiality on Sep. 21, 2011

    This is an interesting tale of two taboos mixed together. Between the title alone and the summary, I'll bet you have a good idea of what's happening, so I won't waste time on the plot. The writing, though, is typical for Esmeralda Greene; clean grammar, descriptive, but dirty enough to evoke exactly what you might see if you were a fly on the wall. It's a "quickie" story, nineteen pages total, so the story is told quickly, but well. Add in Ms. Greene's humor and sense of the erotica, and I enjoyed it very much. In the 99ยข range, too, I think it's a good value.
  • The Vanishing Venusians Reseen on Oct. 20, 2011
    (no rating)
    This story is Leigh Brackett's "The Vanishing Venusians", supposedly written with genders reversed. Their text editor works well enough; the names are switched for opposite-gender names often enough, and the pronouns are reversed as well, it just doesn't make sense. Rory is supposedly pregnant, and yet she's the one sent off to explore an island, to climb cliffs? I'll give 'em a point for the tasty eye candy on the cover, but otherwise it's just a shoddy find/replace job. There are several of this kind of thing out there. Jekkara Press, I suppose? But they're lazy. At least it's free, right? As is the original "The Vanishing Venusians"! Pfft.
  • Confessions of A Debauched Stepmother Parts 1-3 The Scent of Sex ,Playing With Fire, A Risk Too Far... on March 28, 2012

    The topic is obvious from the title of the book, and the individual stories. It's pretty predictable, and follows what I've discovered is Donati's pattern of story; newborn lust, exploration once that lust is first quenched, and a conclusion that settles their unstable condition. The writing is pretty good; clear, descriptive, and the grammatical errors are fairly sparse. The story idea is intense, if the theme appeals to you. I enjoyed it, but I can see Donati's style palling after another story or two.
  • Killer Temptations (Vol 1- The Killer Temptations Series) on July 10, 2012
    (no rating)
    This is the story of Rae, a newly-single mother looking for a way to survive in a recessed economy, dealing with an abusive, harassing supervisor. By a crazy coincidence, Rae is drawn into the world of Vana, a worldly-wise high-priced lady of the night. The character of Rae is interesting. She's motivated primarily by her son's welfare, then her own survival, and only after these does her life take precedence. An orphan of unknown origins, Rae appears to be barely keeping her head above water. She's essentially an honest woman, but that honesty is situational. I enjoyed seeing Rae's character reveal itself, and her growing sexuality, but the young woman makes some confusing decisions. This was an interesting book for me to read. This isn't my normal kink. In this story, be aware that vanilla sex is almost totally lacking (aside from a romantic, lesbian tryst). Domination and pain occupy the majority of the sex scenes. Again, not my kink, but seeing how the power play worked, how these Powerful Men sought release through abusing women was interesting, intellectually. It was a compelling story, and I'm looking forward to cracking open the second volume!