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Steve Davis - IFBB Mr. World 1977 - competed at the highest level during the Golden Era of bodybuilding. Steve appeared on the cover of 7 bodybuilding magazines. He trained closely with Vince Gironda for 3 decades.

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Shadow of the Canyon: A Wonder Horse Tale
Price: $9.99 USD. Words: 3,220. Language: English. Published: May 5, 2018. Categories: Fiction » Children’s books » Animals
Come journey with us on a magical adventure and meet a special horse, Shadow of the Canyon. Shadow is a wild Mustang, who begins life as just another member of the herd, but by facing many challenges with determination and courage he develops inner strength, self-esteem and happiness through his encounters with others. Marvel at the magic of the wonder horse, Shadow of the Canyon.
Gaining Muscle Size and Density
Price: $7.99 USD. Words: 4,710. Language: English. Published: April 10, 2016. Categories: Nonfiction » Sports & outdoor recreation » Weightlifting
Muscle Size and Density Matter! That’s why this classic, power-packed course from bodybuilding legend Steve Davis is so important. Steve Davis is known for his outstanding symmetry and sizzling definition, but he also packed on plenty of muscle size and developed rock-hard muscle density on the way to competing for some of the biggest bodybuilding titles in the world.
A New Direction in Calves
Price: $7.99 USD. Words: 3,540. Language: English. Published: March 12, 2016. Categories: Nonfiction » Sports & outdoor recreation » Weightlifting
In this classic power-packed treatise re-issued from the 1970s, legendary bodybuilder Steve Davis, known for his statuesque symmetry and blazing definition, reveals his unique program for developing sensational calves! No longer does this hard-to-develop muscle group have to languish anymore, when you get the secrets from this master bodybuilder and trainer.
Raw Muscularity
Price: $7.99 USD. Words: 14,460. Language: English. Published: March 11, 2015. Categories: Nonfiction » Sports & outdoor recreation » Weightlifting, Nonfiction » Sports & outdoor recreation » Sports nutrition
Steve Davis, known for his flawless proportions, magical symmetry and total muscularity, achieved amazing muscular condition in 1980. Steve tells you how he did it in this book. He gives the exact sets and reps, exercises and the precise nutrition he used to achieve this “Raw Muscularity.” Thanks to Dennis B. Weis Steve’s story of how he achieved his remarkable physique condition comes to light.
The Magic of Symmetry
Price: $7.99 USD. Words: 6,750. Language: English. Published: November 17, 2014. Categories: Nonfiction » Sports & outdoor recreation » Weightlifting, Nonfiction » Health, wellbeing, & medicine » Exercise
In this landmark classic course, world renowned bodybuilder Steve Davis has set down the principles that will guide you to your best physique ever. Steve will show you step by step through detailed, precise instruction and informative, eye-catching photos how you can transform your ordinary body into a sensational, head-turning blend of muscle size, definition, and perfect proportion.
Achieving Total Muscularity
Price: $12.99 USD. Words: 13,300. Language: English. Published: February 17, 2013. Categories: Nonfiction » Sports & outdoor recreation » Weightlifting
Achieving Total Muscularity is a complete volume that tells you in detail how to train for the unique brand of symmetry, proportion, aesthetics and definition that made Steve’s physique one of the sensations of the 1970s and after. The book contains a wealth of knowledge, and while it was written with the information he gained from the 70s and the 80s, the book was and is still ahead of its time.

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