Steve Shore


A lifelong resident of New England, Steve Shore has worked in public education and in business. As an undergraduate, he studied history, music and education at Bridgewater State. Steve was a Graduate Fellow, in the History Department, at Northeastern University. As a single parent, he has raised two fine sons and-through their acquaintances-a plethora of quasi daughters and sons (the characteristics and namesakes of many appearing in his novels).

At this writing, Steve has published an adult mystery/crime novel entitled, Sinful Images and Annalea, Princess of Nemusmar, the first of three novels in the Annalea series. He also has completed his first western novel, How I Became an Outlaw, by “Chili Beans” Bartlett, and a literary novel, Mr. Bithersbee. Another (as of yet untitled) novel is nearly finished, and other works are well begun. Steve obviously lives to write.

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