Steve Windsor


Like a "cross between Andrew Vachss, Dexter, and James T. Kirk," author Steve Windsor has been pumping out some of the wildest, most controversial, and rawly imaginative thriller books that you'll never want to admit you secretly love.

JUMP, the first in his 10 book series of THE FALLEN thriller novels, is set to hit the Amazon best seller list.

Steve's stories are full of sarcasm, social satire, and best of all "OMG" action moments. They are told in a gut-wrenching, hard-hitting style similar to watching a prize-fighter "rabbit-punch" a speed bag.

Best known as a technology executive in Silicon Valley, Steve's cold gray roots in Seattle, Washington provide a backdrop for his dark psychological thrillers. Worlds where it isn't hard to imagine the parallels and perils that the modern day world will soon face.

He's not one of a kind, but he is one of "that" kind.

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