Stevie Robison


Stevie Ray Robison is a newly emerging poet, having discovered his passion and gift for writing as he undertook a spiritual journey beginning in 2001.

His writing began as process of self-discovery, journaling in a cathartic process of finding truth and freedom from several addictions.

In 2003, he wrote his first poem, "Awakenings." The following year, he wrote a dozen or so poems and began to share them with others.

In 2005, his poetry exploded; he has written several hundred poems each year since and at present has a library of over 2,500 poems.

Stevie's varied interests range from photography to social networking to a pursuit of spirituality to computer programming and web design; life brings fuel to his writing.

His chosen purpose is to share the way of love and enlightenment through the gifts he's discovered and nurtured as these gifts continue to unfold.

Residing in rural Delaware, Stevie embraces the quiet solitude and beauty of a simple life.

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