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I’m a husband, a blogger, a geek, a first aider, a Data Centre Manager, a programmer, a cook, a camper, and most importantly of all a dad to my two wonderful children!

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  • Privacy Most Public on July 12, 2011

    I enjoyed reading Privacy Most Public. I thought that the technology side of the book was well thought through, but I thought that the legal fees were a bit too unbelievable. The ending was over quite quickly and I thought that it would be better off keeping the plot going a bit longer after the evidence was found. Worth a read.
  • The One You Love on Aug. 07, 2011

    A good thriller which keeps the reader constantly guessing. A very hard book to put down. A great read.
  • Username on Oct. 26, 2011

    Unfortunately this is a book that I couldn't read, which is not like me. I got a third of the way through the book before I decided to give up and read something else. It wasn't so much that this was a adult book with some graphic details of the murders, but that this was from the point of view of the sick person committing these acts. I'm sure that others will find this provides a different perspective and like the book as a result, but for me I just didn't want to continue reading. It's a shame as the author has clearly done her research and is trying to exploit a certain angle, but it didn't work for me.
  • Hitler's Ear on Jan. 04, 2012

    Hitler's Ear is a book about a child evacuated from London during World War 2. This is a true story written by the evacuee. This is a good book and certainly managed to keep my interest. It didn't have a gripping storyline that you'd expect if this were a fiction book, but some of the incidents are enough to make this into a book worth reading. There are some parts where the book gets a bit hard going or seams to wander from the general story, but it still kept my interest and kept me reading.