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Lisa quips that she began yoga at five years of age when her father placed her in headstands and put ceramic dishes on her soles to see how long she could balance them. She later turned to yoga to balance her life.
An avid yogini and Pisces who aspires to be as healthy in her ‘90s as was her yogini mentor, Vanda Scaravelli, Lisa practises meditative yoga and reiki daily. She strives to better the world through her writing and activism, and her articles on social, spiritual and health issues have appeared in The Los Angeles Times, MacLean’s Magazine, The Globe and Mail, The Toronto Star, and more, and as radio documentaries she produces based on many of these stories for Canada’s CBC Radio.
The activist in Lisa has created an award-winning charity for youth: Artists Against Racism, and The Maya Hoffman Scholarship which helps child musical prodigies living on Canada’s Gulf islands. A Street Yoga Teacher ( for inner-city youth and women in need, Lisa is currently studying Storytime Yoga ( to also offer pre-teens a balanced start in life. Her Yogic Heart Radio show interviews soulful people creating positive change in our world.
You may find Lisa at,,, practising yoga on a beach, or doing her next favorite thing...just walking in the woods.
Photo: Brahm Fisher

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