Shannon Duffy & John Zakour


Author Shannon Duffy lives in California with her two sons, a cat, a pack of coyotes, a family of raccoons and one lone skunk. When not role playing as Mother Nature, she enjoys going for motorcycle rides and teaching arts and crafts to young kids.

Co-author John Zakour has written for syndicated comics and comedians (such as Rugrats, Grimmy, Dennis the Menace, and The Tonight Show) and has his own syndicated comic, Working Daze. He’s been the weekly cartoonist for, sold cartoons or gags to hundreds of journals, magazines and web sites, and was a regular contributor to Nickelodeon magazine. The Plutonium Blonde (DAW), his humorous sci-fi mystery co-written with Larry Ganem, was named one of the top thirty sci-fi books of the year by The Chronicle of Science Fiction who called it, “the funniest SF book of 2001.” John went on to write six other books for DAW.

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