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  • The Emperor's Edge on Aug. 16, 2011

    An awesome read full of twists and turns in the era of steam. The Emperor's Edge provides plenty of excitement and adventure while presenting three dimensional characters with faults and virtues who live very human lives. They make mistakes, own up to them and make the best of the ones they can't fix. The main character, Amaranthe, comes across as organic, if a bit overeager in the trust department. The conflict between her aims and methods to save the emperor provide a continuous, poignant tension throughout. Her crew of misfits give a whimsical air to their otherwise serious endeavor. The sprinkling of magic was tantalizing and I am eager to find out more about Stumps, the Empire and the rest of Amaranthe's world. An excellent and engaging story that will leave you wanting more. Thank you for the journey Lindsey.