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  • My Superhero Sister on April 12, 2011

    My Superhero Sister by Toni LoTempio is a light, fun read. One you could probably read in one sitting. I loved all the aspects of a traditional superhero story, with the story not actually being about the superhero, but her very normal little sister. Holly is the focus of MSS, but she is a wonderful character. She’s smart, funny and has a little bit of an unusual hobby. She likes to collect bugs. Her fascination with them plays a pivotal role in the story too. Her and her sister Ellen have a normal sibling relationship, it’s just Ellen has super powers. Holly is of course sometimes slightly envious of her sister, but realizes being a superhero is not as fun as she thinks. She has a great relationship with her parents. Her mother is very loving and worries about her little half superhero family. Her father is a vet in his downtime, being the other superhero in their family. Anti-hero is the bad guy and is of course bent on world domination. He’s one of those smart-dumb people. You can't help but dislike him. It ends up being Holly who mostly saves the day with an unexpected transformation. She has the help of her best friend Mona, and Mona's uncle Professor Kane. I would say this is a book for younger readers, maybe the 10-15 year olds. The story is engaging and the characters are fun. There is a little romance, but it’s only G rated and is very cute and sweet. I found quite a bit of the story funny, it made me smile. If you’re after something for your younger readers then grab a copy of My Superhero Sister, you won’t be disappointed.