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Smashwords book reviews by Lori Safranek

  • Unnatural on July 20, 2012

    Lori Lopez has created a unique personality with Darius Exavier, an outcast who really wants to fit in, but doesn't expect much from life. So it's not greed that gets this young man in trouble, it's not lust and it's not foolishness. It's something . . . unnatural. Darius Exavier, a Thin Man, found the carnival lifestyle much to his liking, surrounded by other misfits. And he was happy, right up until the carnival closed down. Then, with his friends spread far and wide, Darius has to strike out on his own to try to fit into a world that rejects the different. He's used to being hungry, he is a Thin Man, after all, but Darius is down to his last bit of putting up with crap when a kindly stranger gives him a ride. She drives him straight to a place where he is offered a job, a warm bed, maybe even a friend. But life's not always fair, as Darius is well aware, and pretty soon he discovers just how far he will go to survive. This story left me wanting more. I think Lopez should write more about these characters, especially Darius. She has created a very real world here, and I highly recommend a visit. Unnatural is a winner!
  • Jugular on Aug. 12, 2012

    "Jugular" pulls the reader in immediately, then treats them to a richly expressed, unique story of supernatural experiences. Magda is a heartbroken widow with a vicious, abusive son. Although her son has proven to be a disappointment and source of unhappiness, Magda feels a mother's love and, inevitably, gives her life trying to protect her strange son. When Magda awakens in a morgue, she is thrust into a journey of fear, uncertainty and, perhaps, fate. She ends up under the power of an old hag vampire who wants to eliminate Magda and the handsome detective who had been searching for Magda after she left the morgue. Lopez really knows how to write battles, and she knows how to describe her bad guys so that you will be checking under your bed for a week! Her use of language is quite unique, and her storytelling skills are superb. I can see this book having a sequel!
  • That Morning After from the Phoenix Series on May 29, 2013
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    Anyone who comes to the end of That Morning After and isn't surprised, must be a psychic. Janus Gangi has woven a contemporary story with shades of old-fashioned love. Vicki goes from feeling like a failure at love to being eagerly sought by the mysterious Phoenix. Can the timid, down-hearted Vicki pick herself up and survive the adventure of a lifetime? This is a great read, and I think a lot of women will relate to the difficulties of romance in the computer age of facebook and Match.com. Vicki's a great character and I highly recommend this book. The author provided this book to me for review purposes.