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Who is Edmund Christopher McCombs?

From the moment he was conceived through the lackluster sexual interaction of teenage parents to right now, Edmund Christopher McCombs has been stuck, bobbing and weaving his way through life's most awkward experiences.

Looking for an outlet to cope with the craziness that sometimes lives in his head, Edmund began to write and channel his aggression and frustration into funny, relatable stories, as opposed to just beating people up. But, with his small arms and lack of coordination, writing was probably better for him than fighting, anyways.

Chronicling his life with an unusual lack of shame normally only reserved for street-walkers and reality tv stars, Edmund speaks to his readers in a genuine tone that can transcend the page and make you feel as if you are right there trapped in the inappropriateness with him.

Raised in beautiful Pensacola, Florida, he took a three-year detour to Atlanta, Georgia and now finds himself in the big city of Sydney, Australia being awkward on an international level, as he finds new and improved ways to offend people while unintentionally degrading their culture.

While stuck.at.seven [while awkwardly aiming for ten] is his first published works, he has been working on honing his writing for years by doing freelance work in Social Media and maintaining a blog that tracks his Aussie adventures and random tirades.

Simply put, stuck.at.seven [while awkwardly aiming for ten], is his story. Written slowly, but surely throughout the past few years -from page to page - it became his BFF. A journey through the constant pitfalls that may hold many down, Edmund determinedly grabs the bull by the horns, and once he is done crying in the shower, he finds the humor in everything and lays it all on the line for the world to see.

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