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  • The Peachwood Flute on Feb. 02, 2012

    Mitaka Noriaki, a masterless samauri, a ronin, falsely accused of betrayal as his master lay dying, wanders the countryside in disgrace, taking odd jobs to meet out a living. One day his travels lead him to being trapped in a haunted village with a host of strangers who happened to be traveling the same road that day. Noriaki alone has the ability to free himself and his fellow travelers from the village and the awful fate that would otherwise await them. But in order to do this he must face down the demons of his past... Brook and Julia West, team up to bring you The Peachwood Flute, a collaboration of two excellent authors of fantasy and science fiction as they combine their unique abilities and perspectives to bring you this story that explores different aspects of life in Feudal Japan, and the conquest of man over demon, both in the physical world, and inside the soul of man.