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I grew up in western Pennsylvania as a second generation born American, in a family that valued hard work and strong morals. My earliest memory of any hint that I might be a writer was when my father suggested to me, at the tender age of eight, that I should write the sequel to ‘Gone With The Wind’ someday. I have yet to attempt that task and for many years afterward, I never gave much thought to writing as a career because it was seen as an unobtainable dream. So, I pursued another path as an artist, making mostly jewelry, with the intent to teach. But once again, life interrupted my plans.

Since then I have written many scenes and partial stories, each unfinished as life pulled me away, until about five years ago when I got the opportunity to devote more time to my desire to write. Thanks to my loving husband who pushes me, I steal every minute I can to work on my stories.

I currently reside in western North Dakota, in the heart of the Bakken oil boom. I manage my husband’s private practice during the day and write romance by night. Our two children, of the four legged variety, a German Shepherd and short hair domestic cat, do their best to be supportive but on occasion can’t resist the urge to demand my attention.
My characters have become close friends, not only to me but to my husband who insists on being my most trusted advisor. I love to tell their stories of love and loss and I truly hope you will enjoy reading about them. And maybe someday they will become close friends of yours too.

Smashwords Interview

What made you want to become a writer?
I think I always knew I wanted to be a writer, even from a very young age. I had a vivid imagination and outlandish dreams. I have always enjoyed telling stories and I am meticulous with details so my listeners can get the whole picture. But, ironically enough I literally hated my language and grammar classes. So, in high school and college I channeled my creativity into three dimensional art and graduated with a bachelor of fine arts degree in crafts. For the next two decades I wondered aimlessly from one craft idea to the next in order to avoid the urge to write. I was convinced I didn't know how to be a writer, until one day I realized I had been writing the whole time. I had helped my husband with his hundreds of reports and letters by editing them for grammar, spelling, and sentence structure. Then once I realized I had the skills to follow my dreams all I had to do was tighten my gut and take the plunge.
What is the greatest joy of writing for you?
The greatest joy of writing for me is the chance to take my reader on a journey through the lives of my characters. I want my readers to become completely immersed in the stories. I want to hear them laugh and see a tear in their eye as they feel every emotion as strongly as my hero and heroine do. The greatest compliment I can receive from my readers is to hear them discuss what they liked and didn't like about the stories I tell, and to call my characters by name as they do. That's how I will know I have touched them.
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AJ woke screaming Jackie’s name. His dream had faded but the pain remained. After 13 years a buried agony had resurfaced and the self-inflicted penance had added to his problem. Felony charges threatened his career and freedom. But clearing his name worsened the dreams and revealed diabolical secrets he never knew existed. Can he reconcile with his past or has it finally destroyed him forever?
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