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Smashwords book reviews by ReaderSusie

  • Watch Your Back! on April 23, 2012

    Revenge is not always best served cold, in fact it can be downright bitter. A brother and sister, Hamish and Heather McKinnon, hunt down a serial sexual predator and mete out their own brand of justice, starting simple and gradually escalating to the ultimate - and beyond. Along the way Hamish begins to suffer a crisis of confidence as the weight of responsiblity to avenge Heather's date rape falls on him. This is not a blood fest, slash 'em up revenge drama with action around every corner. It is subtle and thoughtful, concentrating more on the psychological than the physical effect the pair's actions have on themselves as well as on the recipient. The dialogue is written in an almost conversational manner, almost as if we are eavesdropping, and often includes moments of light heartedness which breaks the tension and demonstrates the very tight bond between the siblings. The final rather inventive revenge carried out by the pair had me squirming and a little frightened, yet ultimately satisfied. Verdict - not your usual revenge thriller. Carefully and thoughtfully constructed with a highly satisfying conclusion. Highly recommended.
  • Three Way Street on Aug. 02, 2012

    I really rather liked this. No scratch that, I loved it. The basic undertone of the story is one of miscommunication - a husband loves his wife, but doesn't think he needs to tell her, consequently his wife is not sure whether he loves her or not, and so she doesn't feel sure about her feelings - see what I mean - complicated. Enter a third party, Henry Dixon who acts as a kind of catalyst between the two. The husband, Peter, is an old fashioned stick in the mud, still grieving the death of his baby son 15 years previously,and too proud to discuss it with anyone. His wife, Louise, is bored almost to death by the drudgery of her life. She comes across a business card and one day, feeling particularly fed up with her lot, she dares herself to phones the number on it. She connects with Mr Dixon and a friendship ensues. Through time spent with her new friend, she discovers she does still love her husband after all, although she also manages to find a place in her heart for Henry Dixon. Along the way we also get a glimpse into Henry's troubled life, and the effect his friendship with Louise has on it. The THREE WAY part of the title. Be warned there are some graphic sexual scenes - all in context - and some adult language, but it's not all doom and gloom. The characters are likeable, real folks next door types, and the journey they take is a thoughtful reflection on the need for communication in a relationship. I enjoyed it very much and have no hesitation in recommending it to you.