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Ever since I was about 6 years old I have known two things:
First, we are all connected at a deep level I did not then understand, but sensed. And second, humans have an incredible ability to imagine, create, and be visionaries for themselves and others. We respond to those around us who are visionary, people who help us see how remarkable we are. But we also can become visionaries for our own life - no matter our circumstance. I "see" what others can become, and I've done that for thousands for people in my work. But what I most love is teaching you how to be your own visionary self. Because with vision and work, you truly can make yourself a life that serves you.

I can tell you about me - where I was born (Nashville), where I went to school (Auburn University), what I've done, how I came to see visions for myself and others. None of it is secret, but not much of it is that important. You can find out about me on my website at
But what's important to me is for you to be the leader of your own life, a self-visionary, listening to and acting on what is inside you. My books, workshops, and work are on many topics, but the underlying purpose is the same - to hold your hand while you find your own vision.

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