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  • When Your Novel Strikes Back on Dec. 22, 2013

    I really enjoyed this. And thanks for not killing Dan lol.
  • A Punch Bowl Full of Sangria on Dec. 23, 2013

    This story made me chuckle. I wish it were longer.
  • My Trip in Time on Dec. 24, 2013

    I very much enjoyed this story. The meeting between James, the Professor, and his "grandsons" was a hoot.
  • The Time Travelers: A Christmas Story on Feb. 24, 2014

    This was beautiful. I wanted to time travel myself lol.
  • Meanwhile in the World where Kennedy Survived on June 13, 2014

    This was an awesome book! I love the parallel universes and how the story ties them together at the end.
  • The Time Traveler's Guide to Grammar on June 28, 2014

    This was an excellent book. I loved that it incorporated science fiction, grammar lessons, a love story and a bit of choose-your own-adventure. Please write more stories like this.
  • The Astoundingly True Tale of José Fabuloso on Oct. 24, 2014

    One of the best e-books I've read in a while. As the Josés say, it is "Fabuloso!" Is there a part 2?
  • The Kingdom Romance: Episode 1 on Dec. 17, 2014

    This was a very interesting book. I can't wait to see the next "episode". I'm really interested in seeing how Enoch and Annette's relationship evolves.
  • The Priest on Dec. 19, 2014
    (no rating)
    I don't know if it's just me, but the e-pub version is not able to be read.
  • The Last Supper: John on Jan. 06, 2015

    This was so beautiful, I almost cried. I love Scott's books. May God continue to bless you, so you may write for his Glory.
  • The Journey of the Dreamer on Jan. 06, 2015

    Wow, this was really interesting!
  • Daughters of the King: The Single Women of the Bible on Jan. 07, 2015

    This was an awesome book! Thank you for making the stories so easily to relate to.
  • Destroyers on Jan. 08, 2015

    Wonderful book. It had some editing issues where the words were crammed together and one of the characters name was changed from Chaim to Kyme from the other two books. It confused me a bit, because I thought the we're talking about another person lol.
  • Paradise World on Jan. 09, 2015

    This was a beautiful story. I almost felt like I was there. I'm glad David finally got through to Harry lol, and was able to forgive Ron. Lastly, he finally met up with his beloved Jenny and a special relative he's never met.
  • First Fruits on Feb. 17, 2015

    Wonderful story. I do wished it was a bit more clear (like when the introductions were made). I had to re-read it a couple of times because I was a bit confused. Also, it appears to have all the right stuff to be a full-length novel (pretty please?!?!?) I'd be interested in seeing how David adjusts to his "new" life.
  • Gone Grey: A Parody on Feb. 17, 2015

    This was too funny. Ah, I love a good parody.
  • The Gentile Witness Book II Elijah on March 15, 2015

    Wonderful story! Does have some editing issues but it's still a really good read. Waiting on book 3 lol
  • I Love the 80s on March 29, 2015

    This was an awesome book! I'm glad the author didn't take the easy way out and conform the fantasy of Tommy to the "real" Tommy. However, I would love to hear Aunt Jen's "version" of the story. How did she react to being thrust into the " future"? What did she do while she was there? How did she feel when she went back? So many unanswered questions lol.
  • Black Moon Draw on April 29, 2015

    Hey Lizzy! Let me just say, I LOVED this book and Naia was so relatable. The twist at the end =priceless!
  • Me Blackberry Fool, You Apple Tart on July 05, 2015

    It was interesting reading a book composed of only texts and emails. I'm glad things worked out for Isla and Rachel.
  • Paint My Heart the Color of Cherub on July 27, 2015
    (no rating)
    I really wanted to like this story, but there seems to be no chapters to distinguish...anything. It feels like one giant paragraph.
  • Where Are the Lions? - Tales from the New Jerusalem on July 27, 2015

    Beautiful story! Wonderful editing and a keen imagination. Thanks for satisfying my curiosity lol.
  • Dear Diary: Apocalypse Much? Diary for the end of the world. With recipes. on July 27, 2015

    Funny book with lots of recipes and good tips.
  • Hell in Heels on Aug. 11, 2015

    I really enjoyed this book. I was wondering what ever happened to Bri, and will there be a part 2? What happens when they leave the beach ? What exactly did Helena's father do to Evan? Will they have to spend part time topside and part in Helena's place below grow? Will they be able to start a family? I would love a part 2 to this story.
  • The Life I Left Behind on Sep. 05, 2015

    This. was. wonderful! I was almost scared for Andrea for a second.
  • Abba's Apocalypse on Sep. 06, 2015

    Excellent book! Just needs a bit more editing.
  • Goodbye Lucifer on Nov. 16, 2015

    This was one of the funniest non-evil Lucifer stories I've ever read! You did confuse Lewis and Louis towards the end of the book though.
  • A (Not So) Healthy Dose of Chaos: A New World on Jan. 02, 2016

    I loved it!!
  • A (Not So) Healthy Dose of Chaos: Settling In on Jan. 02, 2016

    I loved it as much as I loved the last one. I can't wait to see part 3!
  • Atlantis on Feb. 09, 2016

    Pretty darn awesome! That Princess Lauren was pretty deceitful, but thanks to David and Amelia, they did help the rest of the crew. Please let there be a part 2.
  • Getaway on Feb. 15, 2016

    This book was HILARIOUS! Bravo Mr Jacobs, you have a wicked sense of humor.
  • A Glimpse Of Tomorrow on March 06, 2016

    I really loved this book. It asks all the hard questions. The kids being referred to as throw rugs kinda threw me off, but I think the author meant rugrats lol.
  • The Valley of Flowers on March 06, 2016

    This was such a beautiful story. Jack Dey really has a talent of weaving a innocent love story with Jehovah's love for us.
  • Explain That To A Martian 3 on March 17, 2016

    I don't know how I forgot to write a review. I really liked this story and Joe is hilarious. I wonder if they'll ever meet Pamela.
  • Explain That to a Martian 2 on March 17, 2016

    I knew Pamela was going to have some questions about what happened to the settee lol. I loved this story as well, but what happened to part 1? I was looking to re-read it and I couldn't find it.
  • Charlie Ford Meets Secret Agent Man on April 30, 2017

    I love it! A great story is hard to find, and this story made me wish it never ended. It has action, romance, comedy, some soul searching and even a bit of mystery. Bra-freaking-vo!