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We are two young girls, aged 13 who are bestfriends. We started the idea for Sugar and Spice in year 5, but at that time it was just a fantasy. Now you are reading this and it's all done! We thank you for purchasing this book and hope you recommend it to your friends:)

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About us:

Alex- Well I was born in south west England and most of my memories have spawned from my time in my amazing primary school. In fact, this book would not have existed had it not been for that school. That is where I met Amber and we have formed such a close friendship since. Sure, we had our ups and downs but I think that we were two inseparable friends. In year 5, we were blessed with the exciting idea of establishing a book. We did comics of it and little versions of the book. However, as we got older, our fantasies soon blossomed into something more and furthermore, this epic book was born.

We both share a passion for writing and literature and we enjoy portraying that through this action-packed book. Now we both go to separate schools (as we are now in secondary school) but we still keep in close contact. I go to a grammar school and I absolutely love it there. All of my other friends are really supportive about the book especially Isla who actually created a character in this book and told me to say ‘hey’ and a bunch of other random statements which only she can understand.
Surprising though it may seem, Amber and I decided to start fresh with the book over a mere Facebook chat. Thank god for Facebook I might say.

I like to think of myself as the creative one kind of because I have so many ideas for sequels and prequels and all of that. People may describe me as fun. People may describe me as bouncy. I, however, describe myself as an utter numpty. Although a very positive one as I am always laughing.
I adore Amber because she has really excelled the book, not just by writing some of her own chapters, but actually opening a blog about it and getting more people motivated about it. I believe that we both do equal things towards this book.

I like everything to do with English, Drama, Art and that sort of stuff really. In addition, physical sports such as dance, rounders and swimming also appeal to me.
I really hope that people bother buying and reading this book because we have spent ages dreaming about and we are over the moon that it is published. Its just one of a kind, really.

Thanks to my friends, family and everyone who has supported me and mainly, people reading this.

Amber- Hey everyone. Firstly thank you for taking the time to read our book, it means a lot to us! It has taken a while to produce our final copy but it was most definitely worth it.

I was born in the picturesque part of South West England and lived here all my life, it really is perfect here. I don't really know how to describe myself but my friends probably would describe me in a few words as funny, clever and say I always have a smile on my face.

I love to surf, act and horse ride, along with playing football, cricket and going out with friends.

I am so blessed to have Alexandra as not just a co-author, but a best-friend too. We met in a local primary school and the idea first entered our crazy year 5 minds when our teacher asked us to write a short story...We made up a short prototype of no other book than Sugar and Spice *cute* we wanted to publish it then but as it only reached 15 pages in total we were told by our parents to hold on to the idea for later life (THANK YOU MUM AND DAD)

As we both go to different schools we have different mates, but on my behalf I would love to dedicate our book to my other best friends Millie and Vicky- I couldn't imagine life with out them, you two are beautiful and don't ever let anyone tell you different! (Infact all you readers are beautiful!)

I'd also love to shout out to my amazing Mother, Father and brother for ALWAYS being there for me, I love them so much- with all my heart. I'd also love to thank all the people that got involved with our blog before the book was published and those about to do so now. Finally my new neighbour: Paul. He helped me discover Smashwords (our publisher) and gave me a lot of the support I needed to help publish our book.


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