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  • The New Death and Others on Feb. 05, 2012

    Delightful! Magical and mesmerizing, this is a collection of short pieces in various styles that will be familiar to all: short stories, fireside tales, poems, ditties, commentary. The range of emotion presented and evoked is very satisfying. I laughed out loud, I giggled quietly, I shed tears, I was swept away to a time long ago and a place far away. Nothing boring here - all will move you emotionally in some way. My favorite pieces were the long tales that made me feel as if I were sitting at a desert campfire under the stars, listening to the archetypal Old Storyteller speaking of myths and legends, as well as the shorter pieces that were heartbreakingly poignant and/or bittersweet. This collection should have a wide range of appeal, from lovers of fairy tales to pop culture critics to goths and vamps and steampunks. There is also a curious revelation for the reader to uncover - this collection is not so much about Death as it is about _________. What is the connection? Read it and find out.
  • Cum For Bigfoot on March 09, 2012

    Turned out to be a bit different than expected, but I sure am glad I purchased part 2 cuz wooooo-baby I needed more!! I may have to take a little hiking trip soon. :)
  • Cum For Bigfoot 2 on March 09, 2012

    After reading part 1, I was so glad I also purchased part 2 at the same time! I've always been afraid of Bigfoot. Now I'll be looking at him in quite a different way. :)
  • Winter Nocturne on July 04, 2012

    Beautifully written. So refreshing to read paranormal erotica that doesn't come off silly, too over-the-top, or proceeding as if it's a comic book for 12-yr-old boys. This free book is worth more than all the other paranormal stuff I've paid for here. I'm very impressed.