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  • Red on Aug. 27, 2011

    First things first: can there PLEASE be more YA novels like this? Please please please? And by “this” I mean: survival novels. ASHES by Ilsa J. Bick is one, and I liked it, and The Hunger Games is another (mega love), but Red is another survival novel that kept me engaged and I had to know what was going to happen next. Love love love! One thing I didn’t understand: the title. I think it’s supposed to be like Red Riding Hood, since Elodie’s “curse” is being a werewolf, but um… Red Riding Hood was all about going to grandma’s house and getting eaten by a wolf. Or well, that’s the children’s-friendly version, I think. But whatever, it probably doesn’t matter that much. It’s just one thing I thought about after finishing the book. I don’t know. I thought there should have been a better title. I did like it, though I did have some difficulties. This book, at times, can be very paranormal romance typical. And by that I mean, look at your YA books and you know how all them are alike? This book, while different at times, falls in the “omg I’ve read this before” pattern. 1. The romance between Sawyer and Elodie is very, very fast. It’s been days when suddenly they’re in love and wanting to have sex. And when they come close to having sex, it’s Sawyer who pulls away and tells Elodie to stop. >__< 2. Elodie asking Sawyer how he was able to stop from going all the way, and his reply is “Because I love you.” I don’t know if this is supposed to be romantic, but just rereading that passage and typing this makes me roll my eyes. Why why why is it always the man who has the strength to stop “because I love you”? When will it be the girl’s time? 3. The ending, which I’m trying really hard not to spoil right here, so if you don’t have to be spoiled, SKIP THIS PART. Elodie is captured and tied up, and she’s thinking she can’t break free, so she decides to wait for somebody to come rescue her. Big deal? Maybe not. Why am I bringing it up? Because she’s acting like a damsel in distress. *brain explodes* 4. Elodie and Sawyer talk to the reader. You know, when you’re reading and all of the sudden, one of the characters explains to reader and you’re like “WTF?” I think it’s a very fine line when authors do this—and Kiersten White manages to do it well in PARANORMALCY and SUPERNATURALLY. In fact, I didn’t even notice until she pointed it out in a blog post for PARA. For Red? I noticed. So yeah, fine line there. There’s dual POV here, Elodie and Sawyer both in first person, and they both have very distinctive voices. I never once thought “Who’s narrating?” while reading. Yay! I love dual POV and love it when it works. This book was very addictive, and I kept turning the pages up past my bedtime to know what was happening next. And now all I have to ask is: Is there a sequel, and when is it available?