Sally Patricia Gardner


I believe everyone should reinvent themselves every ten years or so, and so I have had several careers, most interestingly as an actress and also owning and working in my own cat sanctuary and boarding cattery. I wrote my first novel almost by accident when a story told to me about life in rural Suffolk at the turn of the last century assumed a life of it's own. Staggered and delighted by the success of Lillian's Story, One Woman's journey through the 20th Century, I went on to write four more novels, all of which will shortly be available on Smashwords, along with my sixth if I don't get too distracted! All my books are available in paperback as well as eBook, and can be accessed through my web site, where you can also read the hundreds of reviews people have been kind enough to give them over the past few years. My husband, Roland, is also a writer and we live rural Sussex with our household of rescued cats and dogs. At the minute, I am busy training our youngest dog, Connie (in the picture) to be a Pets as Therapy dog, which we are all excited about. Well, I think Connie is!

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