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Mark White has spent over 30 years in the trenches of American education, beginning his career as a school janitor and working his way up to superintendent. He jokes that he “knows American education from the toilets to the superintendent’s office.” He has been a consultant to the College Board and to the ACT, and he served on several education reform committees in Washington, D.C. As a superintendent, he was a member of the Dell Platinum Advisory Council, a nominee to be a Summer Fellow at Vanderbilt University, led his his district to the state’s highest academic rating, and was one of the guiding forces in designing Clark Hall, a unique 21st Century high school building that was selected by Scholastic as one of the most innovative buildings in the world and awarded its “Best in Tech 2012” award. In 2012, at the height of his career, when he had achieved many of his career goals and his district had been recognized as one of the finest in Ohio, White stunned his community when he announced he was stepping away from his leadership role — and moving to Key West to renew his strength and to reflect on his life as an educator. While in Key West, he wrote The Educator’s Soul: 60 Lessons to Inspire Teachers and Administrators, which he calls “a celebration of teaching and all that educators do to improve their part of the world every day.” White has always been one to follow his heart, and his book will inspire educators, leaders, and anyone who feels the need to do as he has done: to set goals, to achieve them, and then to seek out new challenges. He loves working with other educators, and he is available as a speaker, leadership coach, and 21st Century Education consultant. He may be reached at

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