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C. Eugene Bradley, the author, was born on October 31, 1946 in an area of Henry County,
Alabama that was called "Beat 5". There was a creek running through Beat 5 that was good for swimming and fishing. This creek was named "The Big Abbey Creek" and there was one certain hole in this creek that the Beat 5 Boys liked better than the other fishing and swimming holes and it was called "The Norton Hole". This was the spot where this story started when the Beat 5 Boys fell into the swirling waters.
The author is married to Dr. Kay Bradley and they now live in Milledgeville, Georgia, which is where Bradley and Herring, in the book, made a campsite in 1861. C. Eugene Bradley has two daughters, Amy Cook, who lives in Mobile, Alabama and is married to Chris Cook, and Crystal Alexander, who lives in Henry County, Alabama and is married to Ben Alexander. Amy has two daughters, Taylor and Sarah, and Crystal has two boys, B. J. and Blake. The author's wife, Dr. Kay Bradley, has two boys, Brian, who lives in Birmingham, Alabama and Corey, who lives in Gainesville, Florida.

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